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“Forerunner of Independence”

Отправлено 10 апр. 2016 г., 3:53 пользователем Murad Nabibekov   [ обновлено 10 апр. 2016 г., 3:54 ]
        Within the framework of action of support to National Army the event titled “Forerunner of Independence” devoted to Nofel Tahirzadeh was held at the exposition of Azerbaijan Museum of Independence on the 8th of April, 2016.

        Nofel Tahirzadeh was born on September 5, 1955 in Khirhatal village of Gutgashen (current Gabala) region. In 1972 he finished school with honor and entered faculty of architecture of Azerbaijan Institute of Architecture and Construction. In 1977 he was sent to Saransk by assignment and started working there. On August 6, 1978 Nofel died in Saransk mysteriously. In 70s of XX century Nofel interanally fought for creation of independent and intact Azerbaijan state, created flag and emblem of this state, scheme of headquarter, regulation of Army of Independence Azerbaijan, military uniform and shoulders loops of    soldiers and officers, prepared National alphabet of Azerbaijan and experimental language. He was a talented architector, painter, writer, poet, historian.
Adalat Tahirzadeh’s book entitled “Nofel Tahirzadeh – Mujahid for independence Azerbaijan” was presented at the event, personal items, documents, photos of Nofel Tahirzadeh were demonstrated at the exhibition.
        In introduction entry Farida Shamsi, the director of Azerbaijan Independence Museum noted the high patriotic spirit of our people at the result of heroism of our National Army in Karabakh and told that in 70s Nofel at the age of 23 years inernally fought for creation of independence Azerbaijan state and National Army. At the end of speech F.Shamsi called all participants to commemorate with the minute of a silence the memory of Nofel Tahirzadeh and all martyrs.
        The slide reflecting the life and activity of Nofel Tahirzadeh and poems have been written by himself was demonstrated at the artistic part of the event.

Adalat Tahirzadeh, the brother of Nofel Tahirzadeh, the doctor of philosophy in philology, professor of Baku Eurasian Uniersity, Asker Guliyev, the employees of Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic, Kerim Shukurov, the scientific editor of the book, Sahmistan Nazarli, the prominent researcher of military history of Azerbaijan, Zinyat Alibeyli, Nofel Tahirzadhe’s sister and the other author of the book, Naila Tahirzadeh, Nofel Tahirzadeh’s classmate made speech at the event. They stressed that they are proud of soldiers who in recently days in frontline heroically fought for independence and integrity of Azerbaijan and told about the life and activity of Nofel Tahirzadeh.
        After the speeches the guests familiarized with the exhibition devoted to Nofel Tahirzadeh.
        The relatives and friends of Nofel Tahirzadeh, the students of Azerbaijan State Painting Academy and Azerbaijan University of Languages, the soldiers of Interior Troops participated at the event.

The source: Adalet Tahirzadeh facebook profile