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Azerbaijani Defence Ministry: 'Azerbaijani villages liberated!'

Отправлено 2 апр. 2016 г., 12:54 пользователем Murad Nabibekov   [ обновлено 2 апр. 2016 г., 12:55 ]
Azerbaijani Defence Ministry issued a sensational statement on the release of Seysulan village of Agdere (Martakert) region and several heights in this region of Karabakh.

        On the night and during the day of 2 April, over the entire front line Armenians fired at Azerbaijani positions and residential settlements. As a result, there are dead and wounded among both military and civilian population, says the statement of the Defence Ministry of Azerbaijan.
        To suppress enemy provocations and ensure the safety of civilians, command of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan made a decision about response in the direction of Agdere-Terter-Aghdam and Khojavend-Fuzuli.
        In a very short period of time in some areas of the front it was possible to break through the enemy's first defence line that Armenian units had been strengthening over the years. In addition to that, the armed forces of Azerbaijan managed to liberate several settlements and occupy heights of strategic importance.
        The villages of Talish and Seysulan were completely cleaned from the enemy forces, which could create threat to the Goranboy region and Naftalan city.
        Azerbaijani troops also laso took control of the height of Lele Tepe, which is of strategic importance for the protection from the enemy of the city of Horadiz. Currently, steps are being taken to strengthen the liberated heights and a new defence line.
        During teh fighting there were destroyed 6 Armenian tanks, 15 artillery pieces, reinforced engineering structures, as well as killed or wounded more than 100 Armenian servicemen.
        In the battle with the enemy 12 servicemen of Azerbaijani Army became martyrs. The enemy side hit one Mi-24, which was carrying air strikes against the enemy positions. In addition, during a mine explosion one tank was damaged.
        Azerbaijani Defence Ministry warns that if the Armenian side again violates ceasefire regime, a response will be even more destructive.